How To Fix Crunchyroll Error 502 Easily?

Crunchyroll error 502, also commonly known as the 502 Bad Gateway error, is one of the response status codes under Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP. This HTTP error code is a temporary state and occurs when the server acting as the gateway shows incapability in executing the user’s request to access a website.

You can fix this error by using VPN, clearing your browser cache, refreshing, disabling a firewall temporarily, etc. It is primarily a server error and is not caused by the user.

It is possibly the most common error to stumble upon. That being said, since the user is not the cause for the issue, reasons like the 502 error is caused by a sole computer or an unstable internet connection can be dismissed as doubtful.

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Causes Of The 502 Bad Gateway Error

The Crunchyroll Error 502 is a signal of issues with a server. In most cases, the gateway or a proxy server must be facing communication issues with the upstream or original server. Meaning that, though the user is not responsible for the case, they cannot do anything to rectify the situation or find the cause of the problem all by themselves.
502 bad gateway

Nevertheless, users who face 502 errors might reduce the severity of the condition by reading on further and learning more about the causes and fixes for the error.

Server Overload

A server overload is the most common cause of a 502 error. It mainly occurs due to a sudden spike in users trying to access a website. It indicates that the server has reached its maximum memory capacity. Depending on the scale, it can happen just by accident or because of a massive event like a concert, etc.

ddos attack

In worst-case scenarios, it can be a DDoS attack, a form of cyber-attack where they swamp the site with more access requests than the site can handle. Which causes it to crash or go offline.

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Programming Error

Sometimes a flaw, bug, or error in the code might be why the requests are not being responded to, influencing the Crunchyroll Error 502 to pop up.

Network Errors

There are numerous possible network errors; even a DNS failure or outage can be one, along with routing problems.

check your internet connection

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might have ruled the website or a specific web address blocked or inaccessible.

A Firewall Blocks Requests

Firewalls play an essential role in ceasing the activities of cybercriminals because these criminals find new ways every day to penetrate various corporate networks. But these firewalls involuntarily treat a large scale of legitimate visitors as an attempted cyber-attack, much like DDoS.


Since these firewalls are covered in DDoS protection layers, they block all requests from content delivery systems, causing the website to crash.

Server Software Timeout

This problem or error can arise due to slower queries. Sometimes, the caching tool might have reached its optimum time levels.

server timeout

And now the webserver is taking longer than usual to respond to or return the user’s access request to the site.

Fixing The 502 Bad Gateway Error

In order to fix the Crunchyroll Error 502 Error, follow the methods and their steps listed below.


Refreshing your browser works best when the root cause of the error is a temporarily overloaded server.

refresh your browser

Refresh the browser a few times to tackle the issue. If the response is not immediate, try doing it again after a few minutes.

Clear Your Browser Cache

This is also one efficient and straightforward method to get over the error.

clear browser cache (solve crunchyroll error 502)

Go to the web browser history to access the site and select to clear all browsing data.

Check With Others

More often than not, you are not the only person facing the error issue. You should always check with monitoring sites like Down Detector etc., which monitor or detect the web for any possible outages. And allow users to report the problems they are facing.

down detector

So, when you report the issue along with others, you can find out whether this will be a prolonged issue or not.

Using VPN

This method is helpful to find out if it is your ISP, i.e., your provider, who is the cause of the error because the site was made inaccessible by the provider.

use vpn (solve crunchyroll error 502)

There are various Virtual Private Networks (VPN) available to swing your connection before accessing the site.

Disable The Firewall Temporarily

Disabling a firewall is not recommendable. But you can disable it temporarily to check whether your firewall is one of the causes for the error to pop up. Which makes it impossible to access a particular website. To resolve the Crunchyroll Error 502, you can temporarily disable your firewall through your security provider’s admin console.

disable firewall (solve crunchyroll error 502)

Many firewall providers offer many layers of protection, mainly for DDoS protection. Which, as mentioned earlier, will then block users when there is a large influx of visitors.

Examine Web Server Logs

If the error continues and you are the site owner, it is better to investigate to resolve the issue.

web server log (solve crunchyroll error 502)

You can start by examining your web server logs from when the error occurred and check whether your FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) is resolving.


Above are the root causes and methods to solve the problem of Crunchyroll Error 502. We hope you find it helpful and helps to solve your issue.


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