Fix Can’t Find Webcam Device Manager Quickly (Updated 2023)

Are you facing trouble while using your webcam? Is your camera not working correctly? There is no need to worry.

You may try uninstalling the camera driver and installing it again on your device to fix this problem. But that is not enough, as you might find it troublesome to locate the camera in your device manager.

can't find camera
can’t find camera


You have to follow this quick and straightforward guide to fix this tech issue once and for all. 

Locating Your Webcam In The Device Manager

If you are not able to find your webcam in the device manager, try searching for it in the following groups:

  1. Imaging Devices
  2. USB Devices
  3. Cameras
  4. USB Device Hub

If your device webcam is not in either of these mentioned groups in the device manager, follow the fixes given below to fix this problem.

Updating Your Device Drivers

 Are your device drivers up to date? If not, make sure that they are updated. On windows, you cannot update the device driver directly from the device manager, and instead, you will need to install the updated device webcam drivers and other device drivers. You can do this by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

There are two ways to do this- automatically and manually.

Automatically: Not everyone has the time or technical skills to update the drivers manually. Thanks to Driver Easy, it takes care of it on its own. You do not have to risk downloading and installing the incorrect driver. Driver Easy will identify the exact drivers for your system, and it does so by analyzing your system’s configuration and installing the appropriate software.

  1. First, download Driver Easy and install it.
  2. Second, run the driver easy and click the ‘scan now button. Driver easy will now scan your computer, search for any bugged drivers and detect them.
    driver easy
    driver easy
  3. Click on the ‘update’ button to update your device webcam for free. Another way is to tap the ‘update all’ button to directly start downloading and installing the correct version of all the missing drivers or those not up to date.
  4. Lastly, restart your device to complete the entire process effectively.

Manually: You can also do this manually.

Go to the support page of your device.

Enter the product or model details to get all the necessary drivers in Drivers & Downloads.

Click on the driver you need and download it. Make sure to follow all the instructions displayed on your screen to complete the installation process.

Allowing Your Device To Access The Camera

A simple way to try to fix this issue is to allow your device to access the device camera.

  1. Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard and then type ‘camera.’
  2. Next, select the ‘camera privacy settings option.
  3. Check whether the ‘camera access for this device is turned on or not. If it is not turned on, click on the ‘change’ button to turn it on.
    camera privacy settings
    camera privacy settings
  4. Then, go back to the device manager and check if the camera is there or not.
  5. If you still cannot find the camera in your device manager even after turning it on, you have to try the other fixes mentioned in this guide to fix this issue.

Scanning For Any Hardware Changes

Your device might already have a device driver installed in its system. It might be just that the Windows system fails to detect it in your computer. You have to scan for any hardware changes in your device manager in such a case.

  1. Open device manager on your desktop or computer.
  2. Select either USB Devices, Cameras, or Imaging Devices.
  3. Click ‘Action’ and then tap on ‘Scan for hardware changes.
    scan for hardware changes
    scan for hardware changes
  4. If your device webcam is displayed on the screen, that means the device driver has been detected successfully.
  5. Restart your computer to complete this process effectively.

Running The Hardware Troubleshooter

Do the following steps to run the hardware troubleshooter on your device.

  1. Go to the windows search bar. Then type ‘cmd’ and open ‘command prompt.’
  2. Type this command, copy it on the following screen, and then press ‘enter.’
  3. The troubleshooter will now be displayed on your screen. Next, click ‘next’ to run this tool.
  4. When the troubleshooter finds a fix for your device, click on the ‘apply this fix’ button.
  5. Restart your computer to complete the entire process effectively.

Adding A Legacy Camera Driver To Your Device

 If your webcam is still missing from the device manager, you can try manually adding a legacy camera driver to your device even after updating all of your device drivers.

  1. Go to the device manager on your computer.
  2. Click on ‘action.’
  3. Now click on ‘legacy hardware.’
    add legacy hardware
    add legacy hardware
  4. When the ‘welcome to the add hardware wizard’ window gets displayed on your screen, tap on the ‘next’ button.
  5. Next, tap on ‘Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (advanced).’ Now click ‘next’.
    install the hardware manually
    install the hardware manually
  6. Click on ‘cameras’ and tap on ‘next.’
  7. If you have downloaded a driver for your device webcam, you can select ‘have the disk.’
  8. If no device is selected, select ‘imaging devices’ by going back to the last window. Then click ‘next.’
  9. Restart your computer for this process to complete effectively once you have added a device successfully.


In this article, we have mentioned various ways/methods to fix Can’t Find Webcam Device Manager Quickly error.

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